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i’m the MAP!!! i’m the MAP!!! i’m the MAP!!! 🙂


From NLEX, take Dau exit. turn left at the Junction and head towards Clark/Angeles.
after the junction, turn RIGHT towards Clark Main Gate.
From Clark Main Gate, go straight along M.A. Roxas. You will pass through THREE stop lights. at the FOURTH stop sign, turn LEFT into Ninoy Aquino Avenue (you will see Oxford hotel on your right).  Go straight until you reach the end (which is E.Quirino Avenue). Turn RIGHT.
on second corner, turn LEFT into C.P.Garcia Avenue (you will pass by PNB on your left).
after a couple of steps/meters, turn right at AOL/e-telecare compound (C.P. Romulo). Go straight.
Turn RIGHT into the second corner (the first one will be blocked/barricaded) – Mimosa Drive. you will see a white picket fence on your left.
Finally, turn RIGHT into Roces and look for Villa No. 2048B on your right. 🙂

i guess some of you noticed my absence from the blogging world last week. well it was because i had a 4-day stint at the hospital (but i took a break for about 8 days) due to bronchial asthma + gestational diabetes.


i now have to take insulin shots everyday on top of my regular vitamins for the pregnancy + i have to monitor my blood sugar levels twice a day. ugh.

i tried answering important emails while i was in  the hospital but i was really itchin’ to go home as soon as i could. wanted to sleep in my own bed and see Isa everyday (or at least watch her from afar so she wouldn’t catch anything from me). silently dreading the amount of paperwork that was accumulating on my desk at work. then i also wanted to tinker with my new toys that arrived from the post on the first day of my confinement + visit one of our shih tzus that just gave birth (she’s a first-timer so we opted to leave her with our vet so the puppies would have a 100% chance of survival). talk about timing.


i’m now back on my feet…back to work…although i’m not yet 100% ok.  asthma still acting up because of  the intense summer heat.  so i’ve been catching some much needed scrap therapy.  i actually believe that patterned papers and glue have healing powers. lol. 🙂 but i really feel much better every night after i spend a good hour or so in my scrap room. if only i could share some pictures of what i have there with me (kaso hush-hush muna kasi most of them are for the ScrapJam) oh lord… five boxes just arrived yesterday from ScrapbooksHawaii  and i felt like a kid on Christmas morning. 🙂 and i’m pretty sure the jammers would also feel the same way on the 4th. pramis!!!!

not wanting to leave you hanging and empty-handed, i’m just going to share some sneaks of the class projects for the Jam plus some of the tools that the jammers would get to try out —







just a little over a week ’til the big event!!! here is where we will be staying—


shop + scrap area will be at the 1st floor. sleeping quarters for the jammers will be at the second floor. 🙂 jammers will be free to choose their roommates but it’s going to be “first come, first serve” pagdating sa rooms. 🙂 the whole place is airconditioned and furnished.

it’s going to be one helluva slumber party!!!!

unbelievable shopping discounts

endless inspiration and ideas from fellow scrapbookers

loads of freebies and giveaways

a weekend of crafting and creating new memories.



answers to a couple of FAQs

1. how do we get to the venue? – rendevue point for the jammers coming all the way from manila will be just after the Clark Main Gate.  meet-up time is 2:30 in the afternoon (april 4). a marked car will be waiting for the jammers and will lead them to the venue. the convoy will start moving to the venue at 2:50pm.

2. what if i missed the convoy at the rendevue point? – you may request for a map with instructions OR you could still wait at the rendevue point and a marked car will come back to take you to the venue.

3. what time will the event start? – registration will begin at 3pm (april 4).  here’s the event schedule:


4. can we bring food or drinks or snacks to the venue? – YES. jammers may bring their own food or baon to the venue — including alcohol. (lol!!!)

5. can we go out after dinner? – YES. jammers are free to go out and have fun after dinner or announcement of raffle prize winners.

6. what do we need/have to bring to the jam? – here are a list of the things that you need for the jam:


for the Jam Challenge…please bring picture(s) and any other embellishment you want (paint, bling, flowers, etc.).

jammers must also bring their own clothes (syempre!!!) and toiletries. pillows and beddings at the venue are basic. jammers may bring their own pillows and sheets if they so desire.

7. will there be prizes or raffles to be given away? – YES.  if you’ve been to a SH/MLA event, you would know that freebies and raffle prizes will surely be given away. we aim to please and ALL jammers will be given a tote (see picture above) filled with scrap goodies and freebies from ScrapbooksHawaii + some sponsors. and there will also be two major raffle draws and a couple of other mini-raffle draws in between classes!!! 🙂


if you have any other question/s, feel free to shoot them my way and we’ll be happy to answer all of them for you. 🙂


$25.00 plus shipping

March kit from Scrapbooks Hawaii


Pink Paisley: Adorable
Adornit: Treasured Motif
My Mind’s Eye: Cherished Lime Diecut Paper
Pink Paisley: Engaging
Sassafras Lass: Pleasantly Puzzled
My Mind’s Eye: Fresh Flowers
My Mind’s Eye: Falling Leaves
Sassafras Lass: Blossomed
Sassafras lass: Memory Lane


Candy Red
True Teal


Pink Paisley: Pixie Stix Cream Soda
SH: Butterfly Chips (3)
My Mind’s Eye: Curious Clear Stamp
Sassafras Lass: Asst. Paper Whimsies (3)
American Crafts: Craft Fair Flair DIY
American Crafts: Backyard Ribbon Stem 4 (1 yd)
American Crafts: Craft Fair Stitch 6 Ribbon (1 yd)
Sassafras Lass: Life at the Pole Alphabet Cardstock Stickers
American Crafts: Asst Backyard Journaling Remarks Stickers (4)


kits are on their way to the Philippines from Hawaii. reserve yours now!!! 🙂 hurry. limited stocks only.


yesssssirrreeeee!!! 🙂 watch out for the full reveal of ScrapbooksHawaii’s March kit next week!!!! 🙂 believe me when i tell you that it’s full of crazy goodness featuring fresh products from the recent winter CHA.

and to give you a glimpse of SOME of the products (specifically, American Crafts + Pink Paislee) included in the kit, here’s a layout i made a couple of nights ago —


1. well, next to saturday, of course. 🙂 [hate sundays – coz monday follows right after. ugh. also hate mondays – need i explain? lol]

2. first of all ::::: some GOOD NEWS!!!!! 🙂


was able to get another villa which a jammer (and her family) can get for only P4000 (regular rate is p9600++). first one to email me will get it 🙂 hurry!!!! 🙂

3. in other news, been doing the happy dance since last week when i got the first set of my bboxes from my trip. woohoo!! 🙂 finally got hold of some of my new scrap stash from CHA. double woohoo!!!


lots of wonderful stuff came out from that big box up there — some of which will be given away at the ScrapJam on april 4. yep. yep. yep!!! 🙂 yummy gifts/freebies/giveaways for the lucky jammers. 🙂 there’s some from MakingMemories + AmericanCrafts + Sizzix + HeroArts + ScrappyCat + MemoryMakers.  {cue ‘drooling’ here} 🙂 yeah, baby. 🙂

4. and did a mini-happy dance this morning because an officemate brought me these for my garden —


planning to whip up a pasta dish for mark + isa-tot this sunday and these would really come in handy. 🙂 nothin’ beats fresh herbs.

5. also planning to watch this movie on dvd this weekend…


have any of you seen it? mark already saw it and he swears it’s a great one. will smith teamed up again with the producers and directors of The Pursuit of Happyness. in Seven Pounds, he plays Tim Thomas who got involved in a car crash — his fault as he was apparently using his mobile phone while driving — killing 7 people (six strangers + his fiance). after quiting his job as an aeronautical engineer, he set out to change the lives of 7 people. ganda ng plot dibadibs? 🙂

6. found this amusing blog through cathy zielskie featuring Lego creations of someone who goes by the username mrphelps. check it out. he’s posting new ones everyday.



teeheehee… makes me want to buy more Lego sets for isa + miggy. 🙂

call her whatever you like. but our little girl isn’t one to stick to the norm.  for example, in her gymboree class, there are times that she would break away from the group and just do her own thing.  she does not seem to like schedules or following a rigid routine or being forced to do something.  she would eventually do the task or join the group but she prefers doing it in her own time + in her own little way. 

she also prefers to climb the slide rather than go down on one. 🙂 then her papa would build her a lego house or a lego car then she would proceed to take them apart — one of her many talents.



she also prefers to watch the clown or the show from afar rather than join all the other kids right in front of the stage. she would pick her own spot/chair and happily watch the scene unfold before her.  then when the stage is clear, she would invade it and claim it as her own while all the other kids are busy singing “happy birthday” around the cake.



but we totally love her to bits and i can’t imagine my life without her.


speaking of rule-breakin’… {just a little teaser for those who are attending the Jam on april 4} —–

one of the prize packages would include this book by Crystal Jeffrey Rieger (F+W publications):


 neat huh? 🙂 her book has tons of stuff — more than enough to get your creative juices flowin’ in no time at all — teaching you to break apart those boundaries or rules that stifle your creativity. and one lucky Jammer will get the chance to win her own copy of the book.

crystal was sooooo cool in class and we enjoyed cutting it loose with her.  got to play with some Cosmo Cricket goodies. but i was only able to finish the pages we made in class last night. didn’t have time to choose pictures then.




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