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Posted on: March 27, 2009

i guess some of you noticed my absence from the blogging world last week. well it was because i had a 4-day stint at the hospital (but i took a break for about 8 days) due to bronchial asthma + gestational diabetes.


i now have to take insulin shots everyday on top of my regular vitamins for the pregnancy + i have to monitor my blood sugar levels twice a day. ugh.

i tried answering important emails while i was in  the hospital but i was really itchin’ to go home as soon as i could. wanted to sleep in my own bed and see Isa everyday (or at least watch her from afar so she wouldn’t catch anything from me). silently dreading the amount of paperwork that was accumulating on my desk at work. then i also wanted to tinker with my new toys that arrived from the post on the first day of my confinement + visit one of our shih tzus that just gave birth (she’s a first-timer so we opted to leave her with our vet so the puppies would have a 100% chance of survival). talk about timing.


i’m now back on my feet…back to work…although i’m not yet 100% ok.  asthma still acting up because of  the intense summer heat.  so i’ve been catching some much needed scrap therapy.  i actually believe that patterned papers and glue have healing powers. lol. 🙂 but i really feel much better every night after i spend a good hour or so in my scrap room. if only i could share some pictures of what i have there with me (kaso hush-hush muna kasi most of them are for the ScrapJam) oh lord… five boxes just arrived yesterday from ScrapbooksHawaii  and i felt like a kid on Christmas morning. 🙂 and i’m pretty sure the jammers would also feel the same way on the 4th. pramis!!!!

not wanting to leave you hanging and empty-handed, i’m just going to share some sneaks of the class projects for the Jam plus some of the tools that the jammers would get to try out —








7 Responses to "of scrap and needles"

Hope you get better soon! All I say about your sneak peak: DROOL!!!….

I hope you feel much better now. Do you need the shots until you give birth?

The pups are so cute!!! 😀 My mom’s dog also had puppies recently and I can’t get over their cuteness.

You’re giving me heart palpitations just imagining what could be in store for us next weekend. You are such a tease!!! See you soon!

Hey Yoyin,

Hope you’ll be feeling better soon. Keep scrapping little by little. Baka mag milagro. Hehehe!

hi yoyin!!! hope youre feeling ok now. take care ok!!!
by the way naintriga ako dun sa stuff… bka pwede mo sakin share tutal wala ako sa 4 (hay kalungkot talaga!!!)


wait, before kita kamustahin, give me a moment to [scrap] sigh…


okay, there 😀

hey, pagaling ka ha! you need all the energy you can pack for the jam!

wala akong kwentang kaibigan, noh? scrapgoodies muna ang inuna before you 🙂 haha. ingat and see yah!

Hi Yoyin! I was borderline GD with my first pero di naman natuloy at inagapan agad sa diet. 🙂 I hope you feel better soon. And I hope little Miggy doesn’t get it.

Had I known you are planning a scrapjam at this time di na sana kami natuloy nung Hot Air Balloon fest. 🙂 Pero may next time pa di ba? Pagaling ka! And good luck to the participants. I’m sure you girls will have a blast! 🙂

Hi ate Yoyin,

Hope you feel better 🙂 hihihi! i saw that puppies very cute denden keep asking me about it if she can have one hahaha! i tell her i don’t know!…Anyway, i saw that there is more kits wow! like it too…I will bring na lang the stamp na pinabalik ni ate cookie sa scrapjam. Excited na meeeeeeeee 😀

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