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Posted on: March 31, 2008



Bad news: I’m broke.

Good news: I have these………… {yahoooooo!!!} 

from Ria:


  from Studio Azul:


but these I got as a gift from CH:



The 2007 bar exam results were released by the Supreme Court yesterday.  I waited with abated breath as I slowly perused through the names on the list. But my elatement at seeing the names of a couple of friends (Camille, Malou, seatmate Ari, Kirby, and Tupas) quickly dissolved as I realized that a dear friend didn’t make it.

It’s her third attempt.  She first took the bar exam with my batch.  It was quite difficult for our group when our results came out – all of us made it except her.  We encouraged her to take a crack at it again but somehow it was not meant to be.  And now that fortune has failed to shine on her for the third time, I feel so disheartened for her and her family.

Taking the bar is an ordeal that the whole family goes through.  It is quite expensive – bar review lecture fees, materials (books, handouts, etc.).  One also has to study (usually) from April (right after graduation) until August – 5 months – for an exam that is held on 4 Sundays of September (2 subjects for each Sunday).  But the waiting period is the most excruciating – around 5 to 6 months.  And throughout all of these, friends and family become witnesses – rallying around the examinee and giving him/her the encouragement (lots of it) for him/her to make it all the way (because there were instances when an examinee quits on the first Sunday).

I feel for my friend and her family.  But luck and destiny seem to have a different plan for her.  I am sure of it.


Congratulations to those from UP who made it to the Top10.  Although Ateneo got the top spot – remember that we can always kick their butts in court (hehehe… oh the advantage of having court experience during our 4th year… hehehe).  They can memorize the codals to high heavens but they were never taught in the “grand manner”. Take that!!!

——– sorry, masarap lang magmayabang paminsan-minsan. LOL!!!! 🙂

Posted on: March 28, 2008

meet my very cute niece…


sarap kagatin, diba?  🙂


i know. i know. it runs in the family. {harharhar}

Posted on: March 27, 2008

was able to finish a layout for the Scrapbytes March Challenge.  those who know me would immediately notice that I wasn’t the one who chose the color scheme – hubby did. just wanted to slightly veer away from my comfort zone and try other colors. surprisingly, i was happy with what I did. simple. elegant (as mark’s sister would say: “Society!!”…hehehe…)


feel free to drop by the Scrappin’ Moms’ gallery and check out the other entry/ies {note: had to upload in the Feb folder as there was no March folder to upload to}.   🙂 TFL!

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