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i love lizzie kartchner (2007 CK Scrapbooker of the Year) and her family (2 baby girls and the love of her life, Collin). i love reading her blog and these pictures of Collin just crack me up —

Collin reminds me so much of Mark…they’re both so considerate and supportive when it comes to scrapbooking…esp. last night when i had to make my entry for week 2 of the ScrappinMoms Idol Challenge (more on this later) so he watched over isa while she slept.

speaking of isa…had to cut some of her hair that kept falling over her eyes. whatchathink? isnt she the cutest little thing? kaso nagmumukha siyang boy kung wala siyang hairclip. lol. 🙂

yep.yep. the ScrappinMoms Idol Challenge 2 is underway. we’re now in week 2 and i hope i make it through to the next round. here are my entries for the elimination round and for week 1.  still quite over the moon because my entry for week 1 was named “Pick of the Week” (thanks, Iris)

now i just have to light a couple of candles + pray to a dozen saints that i make it to week 3. wish me luck!!! 🙂



* the term mark’s dad uses to refer to a mix of different things. parang “jambalaya”. hehehe…



double sigh.



saw one of these babies at Trinoma a couple of weeks ago. fell in love. totally in luuuuuuuuv. but was quite taken aback by the price. i never knew a small mixer would cost that much!! nevertheless, i was still in love. so in love that i started to set aside some money in the hopes that i could one day claim to be the proud momma of one of these babies.

fast forward to last Saturday…after the PS-EB, hubby and our friend (itago na lang natin siya sa pangalang Bob) picked me up and we decided to have an early dinner at Trinoma before heading back home to Pampanga. “Trinoma. Kitchenaide!!!” my mind screamed. i started doing the math and counting the money i had in my account…then a smile slowly crept up my face…giddy with excitement, i treated the boys to seafood pasta parmigiana, nut pesto and pizza…then politely asked if we could drop by the department store.

i made a beeline for the home/kitchen section and looked for the nearest saleslady to ask “ms., saan na yung Kitchenaide ninyo?”. her reply? “ay, ma’am, nabili na po kanina lang!” so i asked “meron pang ibang stock?” her reply? “ay, ma’am, isa lang po kasi yun e.”

dang. can you feel my pain? are you groaning with me?

my heart sank to the soles of my feet as quickly as a lightning bolt. so i had to comfort myself by buying a set of new baking pans.

but the ache was still there last monday. so i comforted myself by buying a new ref. (whatthe#@%&*?  labo ba ng konek? hehehe… ) yep. a new ref…which we needed badly (more than my need for a kitchenaide)…our old ref conked out on us but we’ve been holding off on getting a new one. so after isa’s appointment with her doctor, we trooped to the mall and got a spanking-brand-new-stainless-steel-15-cu.-monster-na-kasing-laki-ata-ni-mark-na-ref (whew!).

so, here i am. 37K poorer.

and still aching for a Kitchenaide.


materials used: plain cardstock, corrugated paper, BG (phoebe) patterned paper, AC thickers, lace, SR chipboard circles, butterfly sticker (Simple Joys), date stamp, eyelets, ribbon, pearls, embroidered flowers, EK success letter stamps

went to my first (and hopefully not my last) PS EB last Saturday at Mitch Sy’s place (Visual Creations). was so excited kasi i got to “actually” meet several people i greatly admire – i saw them during the Scrapfest last May but didnt get to “actually” introduce myself and talk to them. when i got there, i immediately made a beeline towards Ms. Nita (whose work is currently featured over at Scrapbukan). then there was Cabbie…Candy…Lee…April…Ate Lil…Leirs…Rachelle…Donna…andami nila!!! it was really wonderful to get to know those people i only get to talk to through the egroups…i’ve exchanged emails with them…received several comments from them…pero ngayon ko lang talaga sila nakilala. 🙂

the first activity was about ATCs (Artist Trading Cards) and an ATC tin can by Cabbie (the queen of altered art). then there was a tutorial by Au on photoshop and how to take pictures of layouts.

the last activity was a layout challenge. we were required to use 3 papers/cardstock/transparencies + 1 embellishment (all bought from Visual Creations) + 3 photos. parang lalagnatin na naman ako when i started doing my layout (same feeling i had during the Scrapfest).  my hands felt so cold and clammy esp. when i saw April, Iris and Cookie making their layouts + my seatmate (sheryl) had cool pictures pa.  i didnt have time to print out new pictures that morning (had to leave Pampanga at 730am so i could make it to the venue on time) and i just grabbed a couple of pictures from my stash. swerte ko lang na i had these two pictures of Isa taken on the same day and a 5R b/w picture of the two of us.

lo and behold!!! my layout won!! 🙂 got a yummy prize pack from Visual Creations. (thanks, Mitch!)

the food was yummy (and plenty!)…the people were so warm and kind (hi, seatmates Betchay and Sheryl!!!)…and the sistah-love was definitely there!!! 🙂 ’til the next PS-EB!!!

now i can post this…

i knew it was a LONG shot but i wanted to at least try (kesa naman isipin ko na “what if?”)…so i made the required 5 layouts and sent in my entries a couple of days before the deadline…shelled out a couple of thousand for the shipping + materials… had to let go of one layout which i had to send (at least i get to keep the other 4)…

but even if it was a LONG shot…this past week has been quite agonizing… nagka-migraine na nga ako dahil sa Idol 08 – week 1 challenge (hehehehe…peace, Scrappin’ Moms), tapos lumulukso pa puso ko every time my phone rings. tapos meron pang isang NAPAKAbait na tao nasa US na parating tumatawag at ang laging bungad ay “Congratulations!” pero joke lang pala (you know who YOU are!!! hehehe… luv yah!). syempre makita mo ba naman sa phone mo ang number na nagsisimula sa +1, syempre kakabahan ka! dyos ko! 🙂

having said all that…it was a great experience na rin. who knows? i might even try again next year. 🙂


Posted on: August 21, 2008

Scrap n Shop!!! 🙂

venue: Mabalacat, Pampanga

limited slots only.

please text Yoyin (09292976483), Tna (09154109515) or Romely (09172503513) for details.


wish it was already Friday. can’t stand the waiting…waiting for two big things to happen…

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