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it was quite a very eventful month…a cousin [who I have not seen for a very VERY very long time] came home. it really meant a lot to see her again. she took care of me when I was a little girl. we even lived in the same house on two occasions. and despite the years decades that have gone by, it is wonderful to find out that she’s still the same funny + quirky + sweetest cousin ever —-  very excited to see her this november in vegas 🙂_MG_0359

yep. i’m heading back to the US for a three week “escapade” — heading once again to san francisco + LA…then heading north to las vegas before meeting up with friends in the big apple (new yorkers: beware. we’re going to paint the town a crazy shade of red!!! lol) it will be my birthday gift to myself. speaking of my birthday, got my first gift for this year this month — a dear friend of my mom was sooo generous enough to give me his Nikon EM (still in perfect working condition – will share/post the pictures I took with it once I have them printed out) —



the nikon EM was actually introduced in 1979 (the year I was born —- yep, i’m hitting the big 3-0 next month). one of the lightest and smallest SLR cameras that Nikon produced. taking pictures with it is really easy. it uses an aperture priority automatic exposure control system — meaning you just set the aperture + focus + shoot. that simple. the camera will automatically select the right shutter speed to match the selected aperture value for proper exposure.  there is even an electronic “beep-beep” sound that warns you if you need to adjust the aperture. neat eh? 🙂

on the scrappy side of things… as shown by my previous post, got my mojo on high gear the past couple of weeks… maybe it was the sight of brand new papers and tools … or maybe seeing my pile of pictures … well whatever the reason, scrap mojo decided to kick in and stay for a little while —– sharing some more layouts I finished last month—




how was YOUR august? 🙂


just wanted to share some of my projects for Scrapbooks Hawaii using the newest kits [Love Letters from Home + Interstate Patrol + Of Treasures and Trinkets] —-







_MG_0470  _MG_0471  _MG_0472

love the papers in the kits…esp the MM Slice specialty and the Graphic 45 papers… love the browns and the blues… if you haven’t emailed me about getting your kit/s, do so NOW!!! hurry before they’re all gone!!!

well…plus the fact that i went back to work a couple of weeks ago (i miss my maternity leave…sniff. sniff.) and that family and friends came to visit from the US and my office hard drive conked out AND we had to move to a temporary office while they renovated our building THUS cutting my internet and phone lines for close to three weeks now…

yep. those would be my top five reasons why i haven’t posted a single entry since miggy turned two months old.


now miggy is more than three months old and he’s bigger than ever. check him out —–


sometimes i feel that he’s growing a lot faster than isa did… it’s actually tougher trying to watch him grow because my attention is divided in so many ways… with isa it was quite different. i was able to spend more time with her because i went back to work when she was already four months old. most of my day was spent taking care of her, giving her baths, sleeping beside her…singing her to sleep…one whiff of me or even the sound of my voice and she would almost immediately settle down…

whereas i only had two months with miggy when i went back to work. now i only get a couple of minutes in the morning and when i get home to bond with him. i try not to feel guilty about it but it really breaks my heart when he would prefer his nanny’s voice over mine.  i just hope that one day i would be able to make more time for him…


took this picture this morning before leaving for work. he just had his morning bath and was busy watching nick jr. before his sister could hog the tv for herself. 🙂 would you believe he’s just a little over 3 months? we were having dinner last week and a chinese family at the next table couldn’t believe it because they had a 5 month old baby with them who was just 2/3 of miggy’s size. lol. i think mark is already plotting whether miggy should go to the nba or the euro league. hahaha. 🙂 hmmm… summer in spain or paris sounds nice… lol…

when I got sick when was a little girl, my mama would take me on a kalesa ride — she said that this was her guaranteed cure for whatever was ailing me. true enough, I would immediately get well soon after that.  and even when I wasn’t sick, I still loved riding a kalesa around town.  I wanted to share this experience with Isa so I made her a promise weeks ago that I would take her on a ride on her birthday.  one of the wonderful things that I love about living in the province and especially my town is that there are lots of things from my childhood that my children would still get to enjoy and experience (simbang gabi, bisita iglesia, climbing trees, hot pan de sal and freshly made suman in the middle of the night, kalesa rides, etc.)

and yesterday, on her 2nd birthday, I made good my promise to her —-



we had so much fun that I think we might do this again on her next birthday and make a tradition out of it. 🙂

tomorrow…we will officially enter the world of the terrible twos. yep yep. as much as we would like to slow things down, time seems to fly by sooooo fast — that in just a blink of an eye, our little baby girl became a baby no more… she now goes to school + eats her food by herself (most of the time) + picks her own clothes (all the time) + drives everyone crazy with her antics + has a full-blown crush on john lloyd (good luck na lang kay ruffa!!) + can count 1 to 10 + loves anything pink + sleeps in her own bed in her own room + rarely asks for milk in a bottle (just one at night) + can carry a conversation with you while you’re busy driving the car…

_MG_0821 _MG_0822

_MG_0823 _MG_0824

_MG_0825 _MG_0826

happy birthday to my little potpot!!! 🙂


i’ve been MIA the past couple of weeks…i’ve been pretty busy (driving isa to school + taking care of miggy + preparing for the little girl’s 2nd birthday party + also preparing for the little boy’s christening + etc + etc + etc). sigh.

BUT i managed to squeeze in some scrap time before hitting the sack. even though i was dead tired, i couldn’t resist trotting over to my scrap room to play with some new goodies from Cosmo Cricket which I got from Studio Calico.  

love LOVE love the bright colors and the designs soooooo much!!! I think I dropped by their booth at the last winter CHA 1456736778 times just to ogle at the items on display!!!! lol 🙂 and i squealed with glee when we got to play with Mr. Campy in Crystal Jeffrey Rieger’s Let Loose class.

rsc436lilmanlg  ebrsc495lg

the Lil’ Man line is absolutely perfect now that we have a new little man in the house. and I can see myself using the Early Bird line in quite a number of projects that have been waiting in the back burner since “forever” lol 🙂





i still have TONS of scrap stuff left in my kit. and I am counting off the hours until the kiddies are asleep in their little beds tonight… 😛

yep. yep. the little girl had her first day of class today. it was the longest time she spent in school (2-2.5 hrs) — her summer workshops lasted only for just an hour. but everything turned out to be ok. no tears + i did not even have to stay behind. i just left her in the care of Teacher Aiza and Teacher Venus. she is the youngest in the school (just a month shy of her 2nd birthday) but she fared better than some other kids in Senior or Junior Advanced Casa who made their parents and yayas stay at the waiting area. in fact, she immediately forgot me when she went to her classroom —


kahit tawagan niyo pa. hindi talaga yan lilingon. Pramis!!!! tignan niyo —-   pst!!! ISA!!!!



here’s the little girl showing me how thrilled she was to go to school —


trust me — that’s her “thrilled” look. lol… 😛   she loves clutching her little pink bag and picking her clothes or shoes (wala pa kasi yung uniform niya) — and before anybody asks, No – she doesn’t go to Stanford University… lol… although her Tita Nannan is rooting for her to go there… we just got her this shirt when I went there last January.

and when you ask her how she looked when she had her ID picture taken, she’ll do this —

ID smile

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