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decided to celebrate my being POTW by baking some cinnamon rolls. also went to the spa last saturday with Mark and bestfriend Bob. capped the day with dinner at Savory and some coffee. feeling ko tuloy “PIG of the weekend” ako. hehehe.

but that was not the end of it. (patay!) tried PW’s pasta carbonara (yung authentic italian with the raw egg+parmesan+parsley mixed with the hot pasta). buti na lang dumating in-laws ko kaya i was able to share the pasta with them. (toink!) FIL loved it so much that he had two servings + one cinnamon roll with his coffee. 🙂


deliriously happy for having made it to the Idol Finals + being chosen as the POTW by Ms. Courtney Walsh. so thrilled about that — couldn’t stop smiling the whole weekend. and hubby kept teasing me and calling me “Hey, Ms. Pick of the Week.” lol. funny guy. love him to bits. he was actually the one who told me. stayed up until 1am waiting for them to post about the Finalists — so i went to bed happy. then while i was brushing my teeth in the morning, hubby decided to check out the announcement about the Finalists but saw the announcement for the POTW instead. i think i almost swallowed the toothpaste when he hollered the great news. lol.

although week 6 was laced with a sour note about seatmate Betchay’s elimination, i feel so happy for my fellow Finalists. it was a tough 6+ weeks for all of us…makes me so proud to be counted among them. 🙂


i made it! I’m in! i’m one of the finalists!!! 🙂

yep. that’s li’l ol’ me…in the company of some of the best scrappers in Asia…if not the world. 🙂

and there’s more!!!!!

check this out. 🙂 bada-bing-bada-boom!!!

this is how i would closely approximate what i did last night as i browsed through old pictures of isa. got so cracked up looking at them one by one. a few samples —




check out the hair!!!

in this picture, the poor baby got so tired cruising in her walker that she actually fell asleep!

and this…is her Miriam-Defensor-Santiago-look…


 happy weekend, peeps!!!! 🙂

i am absolutely shocked! astounded even! actually surprised and flabbergasted when I heard that…


Clay Aiken is gay!!!!

i said to myself “Noooooooooo. Really? Are you crazy? Now where could you get such a preposterous idea?” And then I rolled onto the floor…laughing…forgive me. but i couldn’t help it! ever since i saw him on AI, my gaydar twiddled with excitement and alarm bells started ringing. of course at first i tried to believe him when he said that he wasn’t and that he hated it when people were spreading false rumors about his sexuality and that they hurt his mother. oh i tried. but my gaydar just wouldn’t quit.  he even lashed out at Diane Sawyer during one interview around 2 years ago.

and now he suddenly tells People magazine that he is indeed gay.

don’t get me wrong here. i have nothing against gays or even lesbians. i have friends who are out and open (two of them even got hitched a couple of months ago and i couldn’t have been any happier for them). it’s just that almost everyone in the world already knew and believed that he was gay but he still kept on vehemently denying it. i actually would have preferred it if he kept mum about it. but denied it he did…over and over and over again…well, until just recently.

oh well. i guess he just needed more time. yeah. ok.


now about lindsay lohan and samantha ronson…

1. someone is getting her own passport soon. 🙂 gathered all required documents and the application form. just waiting for an endorsement letter from my boss so i won’t have to endure the looooooooong lines at the DFA (one of the perks for working for a GOCC). teeheehee…

2. itching to go home already (time check… 10:47 AM) so i could play with some AC goodies I ordered from Mitch. HAD to get me some of those flairs + papers + alphas +…!!! teeheehee… i feel my mojo coming back (been missing it the past couple of days…but it made a comeback in the nick of time so i could finish my entry for week 6 of the Scrappin’ Moms Idol challenge…which i already sent in last night).

3. love this new line from BasicGrey. i couldn’t help but feel giddy all over and tingly with christmas spirit when i first saw it online. it also has a vintage-y feel to it that i think someone (itago na lang natin siya sa pangalang Tna) would really love.

4. have a ton of things to do (as usual!). most importantly, i have to go to the USembassy to get a visa so i could attend this event with Marisa.

she generously included me in her membership with the CHA as her Supply Support Manager (society!!! hehehe…). just waiting for the invitation letter from Ms. Pam of CHA which i will then show to the very VERY nice person behind the glass window at the embassy who will grant my visa application. mark is pretty excited about me going to the winter CHA. i’m pretty excited myself!!!! can’t wait to sign up for Ali and Tim’s classes + getting to see all the new releases in the flesh + getting all the wonderful freebies and goodies from the dozens of manufacturers + going to Disney Adventure and Knotts Berry with Marisa + hitting all the Joanns/Michaels/Target outlets within a 50-mile radius + going to San Francisco to visit my bestfriend Kit and staying with my favorite godmother in the whole-wide world…ALL IN TWO WEEKS. yep. gonna fit all those in my itinerary for just TWO weeks. hehehe…wish me luck. i better prepare myself and my limbs for an amazing-race-type-of-adventure. but i think any ache or cramp would quickly fizzle/disappear once I meet all the wonderful designers (and scrapbooking celebrities) I only get to read about on the net or in magazines and books.

send out the cavalry!!! ‘coz, Anaheim, here i come!!! 🙂

so simple.

and so quick. so quick that the layout was done even before the crackle paint could dry up. 🙂


materials used: plain cardstock, patterned paper (KaiserCraft), Fancy Pants die-cut strip, Maya Road chipboard, alphas (AC + HeidiSwapp + MM), mesh tape, crackle paint, October Afternoon rubber charm

1. yep. my scrap table looks like a warzone. or like Hurricane Ike passed through it. you don’t believe me? you wanna see proof? very well —

finished a couple of pages last night…alas i cannot share them with you (just yet) but there are a few i could. i just have to find the time to take decent pictures of the layouts so i could post them here.

2. so lovin’ the new AC papers and embellies from their CHA summer release. the minute i win the lotto, i would buy a ton of flairs (but right after i buy a ton of thickers). seriously. not kidding. how can anyone resist these cuties???


3. so many things to do. it’s only tuesday. but i’m seriously wishing that it was friday already. it’s almost the end of the month. seems the year is flying by so quickly! i might have to put up the tree and the lights sooner than i planned. although i might have to nail the tree to the ceiling because i know a little girl that could bring it down in 10 seconds flat.

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