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oo na. inaamin ko

Posted on: February 26, 2009

na mahal ko si john lloyd!! toink!!! 🙂 hehehe… I’ve seen his last…uhmmm… three or four movies.  and i really liked “A Very Special Love” which was written by my good friend and former law school blockmate, Raz Sobida dela Torre (hoy, Raz. kumpleto yun ah! hehehe…).

Raz is also the genius behind the Toni-Sam hits You Got Me + You Are The One. i think he also wrote Agent X44 and Supah Papalicious.

unfortunately for ABS-CBN, Raz did not write the sequel (although he was still mentioned in the credits…dapat lang).  he’s busy taking up film school in dreary London at the LFS.


so when hubby asked me if i wanted to watch YCML, e ano pa ba ang isasagot ko kundi “yes, bebe ko!!“.  it was no surprise that the cinema was filled to the brim when we got there.  and people were laughing + sobbing all throughout the movie…even the American dude two rows in front of us!!


it’s a great post-Valentine movie. kikiligin talaga kayo kay Papa Lloydie and may bonus pang kiling from Rowell + Mikee. yep. Mikee Cojuangco-Jaworski. 🙂


3 Responses to "oo na. inaamin ko"

Was introduced to him while I was still at ABS, and met him twice after that. My heart skipped a beat when we were introduced, and I was heavy with Maia, yay! hahaha Pano naman di ako kiligin, eh pag tumitig si JL, napaka intense nya. Anlakas ng sex appeal nya! Strangely (or not? ), I didn’t react the same way when I met Piolo 😛 Good luck sa fantasy. Baka maging kamukha pa ni Miggy 😉

Buntis, sipag mong mag update ng blog hehehe inggit ako! 🙂

super kilig tlga ako when I watched their first movie together, grabe 3x ata namin inulit ulit, great story! biruan nga namin umuwi muna just to watch the sequel hahahaha adik!

Im dying to watch this one too!Im loving your blog. How I wish Im in Phil ATM to join your Jam!

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