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Posted on: February 24, 2009

yeah. it has been quite a hectic self-imposed-loooooooooong-weekend for me. had to take a leave of absence from work last friday for the interment of mark’s paternal grandmother who passed away last tuesday.  she was a well-loved lady judging by the number of people who came during the wake and by those that “walked with her” on the way to the cemetery.  we’re kinda fortunate to have had the chance to be with her…especially isa who was born at a time when she had two living great-grandmothers (the one who just passed away + my maternal grandmother).


this is the church where we said our goodbyes to Apung Usta – the same church where Mark was baptized…seriously thinking of having Miggy baptized here as well…

saturday…tagged along with Mark to Manila…he went to meet a client and (with Isa + yaya in tow) I headed to VisualCreations to get some scrap supplies. got some tools and CreativeImaginations goodies including this one:

ci_narratives_easel-frame-album Karen Russell. still staring at the album.not yet ready to play with it.just gonna stare at it some more.hmmm…maybe this weekend… 🙂

and in between my staring sessions, i was able to finish a couple of pages —


using my “old” stash slowly but surely…something from MakingMemories + SassafrasLass + a few embellies from OctoberAfternoon + AC +ScenicRoute + CreativeImaginations and alphas from BG… a very VERY quick page in my book…didn’t have to do much cutting as the Sassafras paper is a left-over from previous layouts.


resurrected my StudioCalico September kit for this one. just added the little embellies (OctoberAfternoon+SassafrasLass+Prima+CreativeImaginations) and AC alphas.


then i stumbled upon my StudioAzul kits and made this…definitely one of my favorite layouts…totally adore this photo taken by hubby (nice one, sweetie!!) last Saturday during a stop-over on our way home from Manila… yeah. yeah. big belly, huh? 🙂 kaya nga I opted to print the photo this size. hehehe…


on top of all these…I had to do some dusting and had to move my computer to my scraproom BECAUSE i had to make room for this baby —


mark couldn’t resist falling in love with the iMac.  started looking for an external hard drive but ended up going into the Mac Center at Trinoma and being drawn to the lovely 24″ screen. and, man, the specs!!! 🙂 320G + 2G RAM + DVD super-drive (can’t wait to burn all the DVDs I want!!! hehehehe…).  no more bulky CPUs!!! 🙂

been telling mark about this baby when I got home from the US — was able to test drive it at Neng’s place in LA. her hubby has one but his keyboard + mouse were wireless.  the bundle we got had wires — will have to buy the wireless separately…sigh

so we have now officially crossed over to the dark…este…Mac side. 🙂 still getting used to the interface but it’s quite user friendly. and the PhotoBooth is a great plus! (teeheehee…fun times ahead)

yeah. i’m a spoiled preggy-lady. 🙂 so sue me.


in other news…the little girl is now officially enrolled in Pre-Junior Casa at Montessori de Xevera which is around 5 minutes away from our house. got her all signed up yesterday. we just have to submit a couple of documents (like her birth cert + a copy of her immunization records + pictures).  been trying hard not to shed a tear or two…it’s pretty hard not to…i remember even shedding a tear when she changed milk formula (from newborn to toddler)…she’s growin’ up so fast and learning so much…


she knows how to hold a crayon or a pen properly + she’s trying her best to stay within the lines…although i’m kinda worried about her color choices… i mean, have you ever seen a purple bear or an orange apple? 🙂


still haven’t potty trained her completely… but she can do no.2 in the toilet sometimes… so she still wears her diapers especially when she’s busy chatting or surfing the net… lol



lastly, i leave you with some of the cards I made using ScrapbooksHawaii’s first kit —


have a great week everyone!!! 🙂


6 Responses to "busy, busy, busy me"

condolences on the passing of apung usta. a generation yet again passed on. good for isa, inabot pa niya si lola sa tuhod.

on a lighter nite, I love all your new LOs, as usual!

oh, wow. school girl!! xevera is the new community there, di ba? ilang pikit na lang, big school na yan. huhuhu…

and congrats on crossing over to the mac side – toot! 😀

thanks, bj.

haaay. school girl na nga. andami ng alam. marunong na ngang gumamit ng “pa-cute powers” kapag may gusto e! hala. good luck na lang sa amin. hehehe… swerte na nagtayo ang GlobeAsiatique ng Xevera dito malapit sa amin. sana ok yung school. yari sila sa nanay ko pag hindi Montessori method ang gamit nila. e Montessori trained pa man din iyon. hehehe…

iWelcome you to the Mac (much) better side 😛

Ahhhh. Macs are love! Welcome, welcome! 😀

Ooohhh, once you cross over to the Mac side, there is no turning back. Love, love it!!!

hihihihi. love that first kiss. and those cards. hehe. pero kaka in love yung may kagat na mansanas. hehe. 😉

isa’s looking more like you in that pichur (peace mark. lapit ne rin e mini-you mu) hihi.

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