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Posted on: February 18, 2009

promised to take each day at a leisurely pace… i figured there’s really no point in hurrying through each task (esp. at work) and stressing myself out over trivial things in the office.Β  i noticed kasi that i was so used to getting things done at once (waaaaaaaaaay before their deadlines) which kinda drained me at the end of each day… barely leaving me with enough energy to spend time with my awesome duo… or even to scrap — i would end some days by going to my scraproom and start to pick up a couple of papers but the by then my eyes would start to droop and the wear + tear of the day would take hold of me…

days and weeks would sometimes pass by and precious moments would even flee unnoticed.

i know. i know. my bad.

so i’ve pledged something to myself — to really spend more time on the MORE important things in life. my little girl is little no more. and soon we’d be welcoming the newest addition to the family.

and she’s pretty hyped up about becoming a big sister —


now that she’s “older”, i could sometimes just give her some crayons + paper or a puzzle or a book and she would just do her thing while i do mine. πŸ™‚ there are even days when i would imagine her all grown up and sharing the same love for arts+crafts with me. lol. πŸ™‚ the fact that she loves browsing through “her” albums is a good sign and i’m going to keep my fingers and toes crossed. πŸ™‚


8 Responses to "ramblings"

take it easy, relax hehehe congrats for having a boy! take care and I’m glad to see new LOs from you, more soon!

YOYIN! you’re preggy?! big congratulations kapatid! naku, looking forward to more beautiful scrap pages from you. Kung type mo ng preggy bump photos… ahem… naghahanap din ako ng model na pagpra-practisan… πŸ˜€

AU!!!! naku. di ko alam kung worthy ang belly ko para sa talent mo. naku. baka masira pa lens mo. hahaha… may stretchmark-eraser ba yang camera mo? teeheehee… πŸ™‚

ay sobrang na-excite kasi ako… yung answer nga pala to your question on the “damo” : the wheatgrass seeds and everything else you need to plant and juice it, meron dito sa Green 2000. It’s a big garden center inside the Manila Seedling complex. Madali naman puntahan kasi it’s at the corner of Edsa and Quezon Ave.

hugs to you! πŸ˜€

“naghahanap din ako ng model na pagpra-practisan… ”

… AND I can paint your belly. ano, punta na kami ni au diyan sa inyo?

cool. cool. πŸ™‚ sandali na lang. pinaplantsa lang po ang mga plano… πŸ™‚ wink wink. πŸ™‚

Cutie ni bebe mo! nice new lo’s ha!

ay bjay! magandang ideya yan! hehehe… TARAlets! GAME naaaH!

yoyin! lokah! ano bang talent ka dyan e pag-prapraktisan ka nga meaning: wag mo ko dedemanda kung di maganda ang kalabasan…wahaha! pero wag ka mag-alala, may decent photoshop skills naman ang lola mo kaya puede magretoke in case di makuha sa camera…ahehehe…!

btw, yung juicer naman, di ko sure if the regular centrifuge juicer will work but you can always try. kaya lang, di yun ang recommended kasi nga nao-oxidize ang juice due to the swirling action and the friction. slow mastication kasi yung auger type. if you like, order ka na lang sa Ebay like what Cabbie did or i can order for you from my SIL’s friend where i got my juicer.

kala ko ba tatawag ka nga pala… did you get my email reply?

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