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oh, boy. oh, boy. oh, boy!!! :)

Posted on: February 16, 2009


yep.yep.yep!!! 🙂 got up early last saturday to get an ultrasound exam before going to my obgyne — and we finally confirmed what i strongly suspected all along. 🙂 we’re thrilled beyond words. mark started calling my in-laws and our friends as we waited for the sonologist to print out the report. teehee… talk about excited. 🙂

can you see miggy’s “pochoinkchoink” (the one encircled in red)? 🙂 hehehe… he kept showing it on screen. it took just 2 seconds for us to get the confirmation we needed!! hehe… he’s now over 2lbs and his heartbeat is very strong…however, our mood was slightly dampened when we found out na medyo low-lying sya.  so now i have to take additional meds to make sure that i reach full-term + a couple more to increase my hemoglobin count (the placenta daw is directly on my previous incision so they’re expecting some heavy bleeding…sigh…)

but i’m hopeful that everything will turn out great. 🙂 prayers + good food + plenty of rest + {hopefully} more scrapping in the next couple of weeks (watch out for my projects featuring ScrapbooksHawaii’s inaugural kit in  the next couple of days).


11 Responses to "oh, boy. oh, boy. oh, boy!!! :)"

Congrats on the “boy” news Yoyin. Hope you’ll have a safe pregnancy and delivery.

thank you to all those who sent/txted/emailed their well-wishes. 🙂

ay, inggit ako 😦 iisa lang boy ko ;-D seriously, get plenty of rest 🙂 eat lots of good food, wag lang sa Salt kasi di masarap 😛 I think na aggravate lang condition kasi you were traveling ‘heavily’ 😉 bawi ka na lang, tulog and kain and rest. Can’t wait for your new arrival 🙂

Wow congrats Yoyin & Mark! You better take lots of rest medyo delikado pala. We’ll be praying for your safe and healthy pregnancy.

Well, as if you don’t know already, I’m very excited about MIGGY!!! Ingat ka and yes, this time, lots of rest! You’re unstoppable kasi when you put your mind into something. Think MIGGY this time, oki? Take it easy and watch what you eat (yeah, I know, look who’s talking). Buti na lang alang Farmer Joe’s PI. Those dogs are sodium-heavy…eh ikaw pa you can finish TWO! hehehe Congrats to Preng Mark! Mekapasari yang lalaki! 😀

congrats and have a safe healthy pregnancy!

may pakepkep na, may darating pang pochoinkchoink!


take that much needed rest.

hi Yoyin!!
wow!!! congrats!!! naku take care of yourself ha!!! im so happy for you!!!
neway, I have been trying to reach you earlier…. at emailed you also.. yah the beautiful kit is with me na!!! and I have made my deposit kanina.. pa check nalang po ha hiihi!
im so excited to use it na!!! thanks so much!!! cant wait to see your creations with the kit! COngrats again!!

Woohoo! Congrats! Paturo kaya ako gumawa ng boy? Bwahaha!

Congrats Yoyin and hubby!!!! Take care of yourself… konting panahon na lang at marami ka na namang maiiscrap!

Hope you have a safe one! Congrats!

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