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Posted on: January 26, 2009


sorry. wasn’t able to blog yesterday. had a full day of classes at the convention. the first one was sponsored by HeroArts and was taught by none other than Ms. Jennifer McGuire. was also lucky enough to get in a class by Tim Holtz. got to play with the new alcohol ink colors and the applicator pen (to be released this March). good thing that Β marisa made us some sandwiches as we barely had enough time between classes to recharge (each class would run for about 2 hours).


the classes were pretty awesome. lots of freebies (esp. stamps). love the ones from HeroArts and Tim Holtz. my friends back home will surely love to have these once they’re out in the market.


today was more tiring but definitely FUN!!!! had a Technique Tuesday class (with Marisa) at SEVEN in the morning. yep. 7am. we were barely awake as we entered the convention hall but the class was wonderful and fun as we got to play with some new stamps in making a layout + a card. to top it all off, marisa and i each won some stamps. πŸ™‚

then after class we quickly went downstairs for the first day of the exhibit/show. Β once the doors were opened, we made a beeline for the Making Memories booth. they were giving away some aprons + totes + tags. and anyone caught on a camera wearing the apron would get a chance to win a slice + at 2pm five slices were raffled off. marisa and i quickly got our raffle tickets right before they started the raffle. and you know what happened? πŸ™‚


the best thing about it? she won these (MM was generous to throw in an embellishment center with the slice) BUT i’m taking them home with me. hehehe… woooooohoooooooooo!!!!! sa sobrang saya ko, napasayaw ako on the way to the cinema kanina.

to be continued…



[sorry. antok na talaga ako. i have to get up early again tomorrow for another 7am class.]


15 Responses to "ishneakie ishneakie"

wow!!! ang saya saya nyo naman!!! cant wait for more of your kuwentos hihih! nakakatuwa kayo dalawa ni ate marisa!!! ingat at enjoy!!!

Wow! Lucky you! I’m sure you’ll have loads of new stuff to bring home. Saya saya naman. Hi to ate Marisa!

wow! thanks for the blow by blow account of CHA, i can feel the excitement!

lucky, lucky girls you two!!!

Aherm, meron bang recession? πŸ˜€

Take care always! πŸ™‚

wow! can’t wait to see that in your room. πŸ˜€

please don’t forget to tuck my technique tuesday’s stamps from marisa neh? will be using them for my project 365. and am happy to share that i am up to date. yipee!

as for you 2, enjoy the rest of the convention and take home a lot of loot ok?

love that photo of you and tim. { buti palang sa kanya na lang yung plano ko picture with Ali 😦 }

take care and kiss marisa for me (himas kay miggy) πŸ˜€

hi yoyin! i enjoy reading your post, enjoy yan talaga please send my regards to ate marisa and kindly tell her i miss her na =) show more pics please! be safe and enjoy kayong dalawa! =)


Wow Yoyin, lucky you! I can feel your excitement just reading your post. Marisa and you are really enjoying CHA so much. Well, will stalk your blog some more for any updates.

wow! grabe! you guys are really living our dream! ang swerte, dami MM goodies! πŸ˜€

hello mars. πŸ™‚ can’t wait to read about your adventures there. texted mark a few days ago and they’re well. siping la tudtud isapot. ruben saw ur mom at nepo this afternoon, asne ka cute wardrobe. she’s wearing her white polka-bright yello dress with matching ponytail. hihihi. too bad i didn’t see her.

we’ll see you in a few days. when exactly will you arrive here para makichange off ku kung manakit ku kapalit and i’ll cook pesto. πŸ™‚

take care. πŸ™‚

ei, update yu kung 2 ne? so I can join you guys too. πŸ™‚

wa, mareng rome. of course, kayabe ka king plans. i’m just confirming when exactly she’s due home so we can set the date and time. πŸ™‚ {ot ala pang update kaya? metudtud ya siguro patingapun e yoyin}

hi yoyin! kainggit naman! i have totally forgotten that you were attending CHA pala … sayang, sana may handwritten letter man lang akong napakisuyo sayo for Cassandra (Daisy Bucket owner), hay!

tuloy mo na kwento mo! kakabitin!

take care!

It was great that you were able to go to CHA. I wasn’t able to swing the Anaheim trip but I am on tap for the CHA Summer trip in Anaheim. =) I’m sure you had great fun!

Tna and Rome,

I’m back home. Had fun with Rollyn and she’s now in San Fran with her friend and relatives. We had a blast in Orange and LA. I’ll let her tell you all the details. πŸ™‚ Watch out for pictures in my personal blog and also layouts using the First Kiss. Rollyn made a cute layout of….hmmm…surprise na lang! hehehe πŸ™‚

hi ate marisa, good to hear you are now home safely. we’ll be awaiting for yoyin’s return this weekend. hehe {di ko na maantay makita ang aking twilight movie companion, hihihi). and yoyin’s growing belly. and my technique tuesdays stamps. and my first kiss stamps. and. and. and. lol. super dami. so excited to see all the pictures with all those scrap-celebs.

hihihi. you sure do like you had a blast (and congrats sa slice, hehe). πŸ™‚

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