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Posted on: January 14, 2009

1. went to see my aunt last night who just arrived from the states. she was the one who nursed/took care of me when i was a baby (because mom had to go back to work agad). she gave tons of stuff to isa. hay naku. spoiled na naman anak ko. went home with a huge mickey clubhouse bag filled with toys, shoes, clothes and a princess lunch bag.

2. when i asked about my cousin (her only child/daughter), she told us that she just got deployed to afghanistan the day before. although the US gov’t is starting to pull out some of their troops from afghanistan and iraq, they’re really just replacing the ones that have had long tours of duty with new recruits or trainees. my aunt showed us pictures of her during her grad from boot camp in south carolina last may. she was sooooo tanned and fit — but she looked so happy with her unit and their drill sergeant.


that’s her on the right. can hardly believe that my baby cousin is now somewhere carrying a gun (she’s part of the ammunitions unit) and running around in full battle gear. the last time i saw her (before they moved to the states), she was just a giddy teenager who loved to draw (i remember her going gaga over sailor moon…hehehe…)

stay safe, bubbles. and come home soon to your mama.

3. in other news… i’m still swamped with work. just got 3 new assignments yesterday. dunno how i could finish all three before i leave next week. sigh…

gotta go now.

stay safe and enjoy the middle of the week. 🙂


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