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Posted on: January 7, 2009

just wanted to share a couple more things about what we did during the holiday break…

took a little girl to see some horses at a park nearby. her dad had to carry her back to the car because she wouldn’t budge from her spot. i promise to bring her back again so she and her dad could ride one.


and as mentioned in my last post, i went for my first ultrasound (for this pregnancy) and hubby clicked to his heart’s delight upon seeing his “son” (crossing our fingers…hehe…a side story: just this morning, i told our secretary that i think my nose is slightly larger – some people say that it’s gonna be a boy if some parts of your skin become darker and you become “slightly” ugly… hehehe… sana “slightly” lang talaga. wouldn’t want to be ugly and bloated like a hippo while i’m pregnant). waiting until my 7th month so i can go for another ultrasound (this time a 4d) to confirm that it’s indeed a boy (positive thinking talaga!!!).


then the little girl went to her first ball. oh my. how she “owned” the dance floor!!! 🙂 her dad and i could only dance for 2 straight songs (i had to wear heels and i seem to tire easily because of the pregnancy) but the little girl didn’t want to stop. she twirled and clapped to the delight of the other guests. hehe… our little scene stealer. 🙂


we also met the stepdaughter of mark’s sister who flew in all the way from the states to spend the new year with us. isa loves her to bits and they were quite inseparable. 🙂


they’ll be seeing each other again this year when they come back during her school break in june/july (just in time for isa’s 2nd birthday). yey! 🙂


1 Response to "recap"

uy, I got an SEI paper with the same flower design as Isa’s dress(bottom photo) except that instead of the purple background, the PPS’s orange 🙂 It’s from two years ago pa 🙂

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