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Posted on: January 6, 2009

happy new year!!!! —- i know. i know. it’s already the 6th of january (happy birthday to my dear friend janice…who i will see next month when i go to SFO…yipee!!! missed yah, girl!)

was so excited to have a 2-week holiday break…really thought that i could scrap more and accomplish a lot of things. but those two weeks zooooooomed by so quickly that i was only able to finish 3 LOs! 😦 sigh. mark’s sister (plus her hubby and daughter) arrived from the states to spend the holidays with us. then we had other obligations and appointments to attend to. PLUS i couldn’t really move around that much… well… as ALL of you guessed correctly… i’m pregnant!!! magiging “ate” na si Isatot!!! 🙂


yep. actually only found out 2 days before christmas but i was already on my 4th month. i thought i was just gaining weight (kain kasi ng kain eh) and i still had my period (or so i thought) last october. so i didnt really suspect anything. was shopping with my mom+mark+isa for christmas and i was trying on some clothes when my mom peeked into the fitting room and remarked that my tummy was huge (yeah. thanks, mom.) so we got a home pregnancy test and at 5am the next morning, two very clear lines appeared. hurray!!! 🙂

but my ob-gyne was gone for the holidays and i was only able to see her on the 26th. she told me everything is ok. nothing to get worried about as long as i eat well and take my medication. apparently, the bleeding last october was actually spotting. thank God i didnt lose the baby. makapit daw siya and it seems he (we’re wishing for a boy) is a fighter/survivor. 🙂

went for my first ultrasound and he was very malikot (active)!!! he kept moving around that the technician barely had time to capture images of his head…then he would immediately move again and would show his thigh or tummy. hehehe. 🙂 so far so good. been praying every night for his health and safe delivery. going to see the doctor again this saturday for a couple of tests and a consult about my upcoming trip this month. yes. i’m still heading to the US for the winter CHA!!! just 3 weeks to go!!!!


will be leaving on the 22nd for LA for CHA at the anaheim convention center + disney + knotts bery…hehehe…balik bata kami ni marisa…staying there until feb.1 then heading north to SFO to visit some friends + family and to do some shopping for mark+isa+the new baby. 🙂

i hope everyone got to spend time with their families. and i hope we all get to stick to our resolutions for the new year. 🙂


7 Responses to "catching up"

Wow! Congrats Yoyin! And we were actually joking na Romely was pregnant nung scrapfest. Ikaw pala preggy. Hehe. Good luck with the new baby. Will be praying for your healthy & safe pregnancy & a safe trip to the U.S. 🙂 Enjoy!

yay! congrats!

take care, you pregnant you 😀

wow!!! congrats!!! nakakatuwa naman ang story mo about finding out that youre pregnant… kakatuwa hihi! anyway, ingat ka and enjoy your trip!!! isilip mo nalang kami dun ha!!! Congrats again at ingat!!!


congrats! wow he must have been a BIG surprise hahaha. o…bawal sa yo knotsberry. ingat and have fun sa cha!

Wow congrats!!! 🙂 And yiheee CHA! 🙂 Kwento kwento kwento! 😀

Congratulations on the coming baby! I’m sure you’ll enjoy your trip to CHA. Ingat lang!

oh yes! congratulations! how old is isa now? I got my two bebes 20 months apart though it was kinda difficult, things can only get better. Or so I hope. 😉

Don’t tire yourself too much at Anaheim. 🙂 Good luck!

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