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meet my new babies

Posted on: December 17, 2008


yep. yep. 🙂

hubby got me these on our 2nd to the last day in HK — a Canon 55-250mm w/IS + a Fujiyama wide converter with macro attachment + UV protectors for each. 🙂

met this wonderful guy named Henry in a store along Nathan Road in Tsim Sha Tsui and he gave us a wonderful discount. his wife is a Filipina and he has lots of clients from Manila (apparently, stores in Makati get most of their stuff from their store in HK). i could not help but be awestruck when I stepped into the store!!! the walls were literally packed with all brands and types of lenses. you name it, they got it! their stock ranges from the most expensive ones to the cheapest/most pocket-friendly ones. canon…nikon…sigma…as in lahat meron!!!! 🙂 oh if only I had a limited shopping budget!!!!!!

but i settled for these two babies and i am absolutely thrilled to have them. i already have the 18-55mm lens so the 55-250mm is a great addition to my “arsenal”. but i am more enamored with the wide converter with macro attachment. i can attach it to any of my lenses and i they would be converted to wide-angle lenses in a snap! plus, at its widest, the image would appear like it was taken with a fish-eye lens! then it also has a macro attachment so i don’t need to get a separate macro lens (although i already have the lens baby).


this was taken with the 18-55mm lens with the wide converter. took it while i was seated at the head of the table. without the converter, romely (at the left) and glenn (on my right) would be left out of the frame. it would really come in handy in group shots in small spaces. no need for me to move back/away or for the subjects to compress just so they could all fit in the frame. neat-o! 🙂 hehehe…


2 Responses to "meet my new babies"

hye-low, babieeesssss… 😀

how much is the wide converter. I bought a same one there as well

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