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nabitin ba kayo?

Posted on: December 15, 2008

hehehe…sorry i had to cut my last post short…ran out of time last friday as i had to rush to go to my company’s christmas part (ang aga ‘no?)…

and now, for the continuation ——


we stayed at disneyland and waited for the ball and fireworks display over at Sleeping Beauty’s castle. did some Christmas shopping for the inaanaks while we were waiting.  needless to say, the little girl fell asleep almost immediately when we got back to the hotel.


btw, our suite was at the 24th floor and we got this spectacular view of the city.  this was what greeted us every morning —


and just a few blocks away from the hotel on our way to the MTR station is a flea and wet market with stalls like this on almost every corner —




we love the Peking duck and the roasted pork slices!!!  we sampled different dishes every night…as much as possible, we didnt want to eat in big restaurants or fast food chains (although we had to go to McDonalds sometimes for breakfast + Isa’s food…didnt think local food would sit well in her tummy). the fruits and vegetables there are sooooo fresh and yummy. there was also this good noodle/congee house nearby and the food was very cheap! 🙂 and mark still dreams about the peanut-butter-filled-waffle we got in Mongkok (the peanut butter was warm and gooey and was freshly milled (?)/ground).

if you go to HK, we highly recommend trying the local cuisine. there’s nothing like getting a real taste of the place and it would definitely be “healthy” for your pocket. 🙂 simple rules to follow when eating out in a foreign country… (1) if the place is packed with locals, then the food must be good. (2) order the “best seller” or the one that the locals are ordering. (3) try to practice sign language before your trip. believe me, it helps. lol. 🙂



day 3… opted not to go to Ocean Park. wanted to “relax” a bit and didn’t think the little one would get to appreciate it yet. we’ll just have to go back to HK again when she’s a bit older. so we headed to Tung Chung and took a cable car ride to Ngong Ping. the view was so breathtaking. you get a 360degree view of the mountains, the sea and the airport. very relaxing. 🙂

grabbed lunch at the Ngong Ping Village (rice noodles with satay beef. yum-O!) saw two shows – Walking with Buddha + Monkey’s Tale Theatre.  the main attraction there is the Tian Tan Buddha – the world’s largest, seated, outdoor bronze Buddha (the standing Buddha is in mainland China).


the statue is made out of 202 bronze pieces and weighs over 25o tonnes. plus you had to take 268 steps to get near it. we “contented” ourselves by looking and marveling at it from afar. we didn’t dare risk our lives and limbs (plus sanity) by attempting 268 steps just to see it. it was large enough naman and we can marvel at it from the village.  dibadibs? 🙂


so we strolled around the village. bought some trinkets for the officemates. mom got some snow globes. grabbed coffee at Starbucks (they had this one holiday beverage that isn’t available at home…but i forgot the name…darn it) and the little girl tried to tango with some toy soldiers.


the rest of our holiday was devoted to (what else?!) shopping! 🙂 mark got me the coolest things (will blog about this tomorrow) and we saw this cool store with the cutest name (wink. wink.) —




all in all…we had a wonderful pre-christmas vacation. got to relax a little bit and made one little girl very happy. 🙂



2 Responses to "nabitin ba kayo?"

wow, what a fun vacation! thanks for all the lovely kwento – parang kasama niyo na rin ako 😀

yey! may chapter 2 na. 🙂

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