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Posted on: December 12, 2008

as in “back to reality” mode uli ako after being gone for almost a week. for those who didn’t know, i took a quick trip to hongkong with mark, isa and my mom. we just got back yesterday and it was truly wonderful! 🙂


it was isa’s first plane ride so we were quite excited for her and her eyes were full of wonder as she boarded the plane.  she kept on tinkering with the plane manual and kept pointing to the other planes at the tarmac. but we were able to temper her excitement and she became quite comfortable on her first flight — so comfortable that she even put her feet up while drinking her milk! 🙂


we took the early morning flight last sunday at the Clark airport (10 minutes away from our house) and reached HK in time for brunch. checked into the hotel and walked a few blocks to a nearby mall to grab some food. then headed to the station to take the MTR to central to catch a ride at the peak tram.


it was soooooo cold!!!! but isa didn’t seem to mind — unlike little old me who had to bundle up in several layers of clothing.

devoted the following day to disneyland (of course!!!) and isa found heaven. 🙂 we had to pry her away from the welcome sign/arc as she was soooo happy to see mickey mouse. lol! i had to tell her that the “real” mickey was still inside waiting for her. 🙂





isa loved the parade the most. she was even dancing along with the dancers and the band. 


she was so amazed by the floats and the dancers that she kept on crossing the barrier and insisted on dancing in the middle of the street. lol. 🙂 numero unong pasaway talaga!!!  we could not keep her down and they had to send a “special bantay” to watch over her. hehehe…


to be continued…


6 Responses to "bacteria"

ahwww, kwento pa, dali!!! 😀

Pwedeng kaku nya mu y Isa? Gawa na kayu mung bayung Isang Mark? hehehe She’s just too cute and adorable. Mangigigl ku!!!!

hehe. wan’t wait for the continuation (feeling ku green acres meets harlequin romance ini ah) hehe

welcome back!

glad to know u guys had an amazing time…post some more pics (tng kayabe ya y Auntie Baby)!

ei! welcome back! 🙂
can’t wait to hear your stories in person! hehe

Looks like you all had a great time! Funny yung special bantay, haha!!! More pics!

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