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Posted on: October 8, 2008



bad.bad blogger.

i guess the idol challenge (the whole 7-8 weeks) really took a toll on me and my creative (and blogging) juices. sigh. BUT…i’m slowly getting back my groove…been spending much needed quality time with my family + needed to catch up with some work backlog + really needed to take a break from scrapping.

pls. don’t get me wrong when i tell you that “idol” really drained me. but it did. i now understand why some of those who joined the first idol search didn’t join the second one.  i really tried to have fun pero the stress+pressure wasn’t to my liking.  plus i’m really not the kind of scrapper who likes to restrict myself to certain rules/requirements.  i guess i can easily adapt if the limitation is only with the materials.  pero to follow and limit myself not only with materials but also with design/style? ay. di ko ata type.  parang nakakasakal din minsan and i feel that my creativity is also limited.

oo nga i was able to make pretty entries (two of which were even chosen as “pick of the week”) but other than my entries to the weekly challenges, wala na akong ibang output for the past 7 weeks. so, next year…manonood na lang ako. hehehe…


in the meantime… i’m going to “recuperate” with them…



i promise to blog about the whole idol experience in the next couple of days.


pwede ko na i-post ang mga entries ko.

wahoo. 🙂



5 Responses to "m.i.a."

Nuko! Isa really looks like Mark in this picture! Wow! Pati style ning pamagtudtud parehu!

hi there, read your post and totally respect all that you have said..
you did a wonderful job on your layouts and I have to thank you for plunging into it…

I am proud of what you are doing in pampanga and i hope others in diff. provinces follow your footsteps to start scrapbook groups….

holler if you need any help anyway..


hey, there! I was wondering where you’ve hibernated to! I even thought you went to HK (?) na as planned.

anyways, just glad you’re “BACK, balakubak!” 😀

ding mitatang milupa la pin heehee.

missed your blog nga for the past 2 months. anyway, hopefully, we can get together soon. marakal ng chika. hay.

see you!

pssssstttt!!!!!!!! 😀 dahil sa tuliro na ko nun day ng scrapfest, di na kita nakitang umuwi.. i hope to see you again soon! 🙂

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