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Posted on: September 29, 2008

decided to celebrate my being POTW by baking some cinnamon rolls. also went to the spa last saturday with Mark and bestfriend Bob. capped the day with dinner at Savory and some coffee. feeling ko tuloy “PIG of the weekend” ako. hehehe.

but that was not the end of it. (patay!) tried PW’s pasta carbonara (yung authentic italian with the raw egg+parmesan+parsley mixed with the hot pasta). buti na lang dumating in-laws ko kaya i was able to share the pasta with them. (toink!) FIL loved it so much that he had two servings + one cinnamon roll with his coffee. 🙂


deliriously happy for having made it to the Idol Finals + being chosen as the POTW by Ms. Courtney Walsh. so thrilled about that — couldn’t stop smiling the whole weekend. and hubby kept teasing me and calling me “Hey, Ms. Pick of the Week.” lol. funny guy. love him to bits. he was actually the one who told me. stayed up until 1am waiting for them to post about the Finalists — so i went to bed happy. then while i was brushing my teeth in the morning, hubby decided to check out the announcement about the Finalists but saw the announcement for the POTW instead. i think i almost swallowed the toothpaste when he hollered the great news. lol.

although week 6 was laced with a sour note about seatmate Betchay’s elimination, i feel so happy for my fellow Finalists. it was a tough 6+ weeks for all of us…makes me so proud to be counted among them. 🙂


2 Responses to "POTW"

you made a lot of people proud with this pick. 🙂 it was ruben who emailed me the announcement and simply seeing our faces in the layout makes me speechless. galingan mu king saturday! 🙂

Congrats Yoyin! And the cinnamon roll looks so yummy! Kailan kaya kami makakatikim nyan? LOL!
Oh, I also love the authentic Carbonara. Care to share your recipe?


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