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Posted on: September 25, 2008

i am absolutely shocked! astounded even! actually surprised and flabbergasted when I heard that…


Clay Aiken is gay!!!!

i said to myself “Noooooooooo. Really? Are you crazy? Now where could you get such a preposterous idea?” And then I rolled onto the floor…laughing…forgive me. but i couldn’t help it! ever since i saw him on AI, my gaydar twiddled with excitement and alarm bells started ringing. of course at first i tried to believe him when he said that he wasn’t and that he hated it when people were spreading false rumors about his sexuality and that they hurt his mother. oh i tried. but my gaydar just wouldn’t quit.  he even lashed out at Diane Sawyer during one interview around 2 years ago.

and now he suddenly tells People magazine that he is indeed gay.

don’t get me wrong here. i have nothing against gays or even lesbians. i have friends who are out and open (two of them even got hitched a couple of months ago and i couldn’t have been any happier for them). it’s just that almost everyone in the world already knew and believed that he was gay but he still kept on vehemently denying it. i actually would have preferred it if he kept mum about it. but denied it he did…over and over and over again…well, until just recently.

oh well. i guess he just needed more time. yeah. ok.


now about lindsay lohan and samantha ronson…


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