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Posted on: September 24, 2008

1. someone is getting her own passport soon. 🙂 gathered all required documents and the application form. just waiting for an endorsement letter from my boss so i won’t have to endure the looooooooong lines at the DFA (one of the perks for working for a GOCC). teeheehee…

2. itching to go home already (time check… 10:47 AM) so i could play with some AC goodies I ordered from Mitch. HAD to get me some of those flairs + papers + alphas +…!!! teeheehee… i feel my mojo coming back (been missing it the past couple of days…but it made a comeback in the nick of time so i could finish my entry for week 6 of the Scrappin’ Moms Idol challenge…which i already sent in last night).

3. love this new line from BasicGrey. i couldn’t help but feel giddy all over and tingly with christmas spirit when i first saw it online. it also has a vintage-y feel to it that i think someone (itago na lang natin siya sa pangalang Tna) would really love.

4. have a ton of things to do (as usual!). most importantly, i have to go to the USembassy to get a visa so i could attend this event with Marisa.

she generously included me in her membership with the CHA as her Supply Support Manager (society!!! hehehe…). just waiting for the invitation letter from Ms. Pam of CHA which i will then show to the very VERY nice person behind the glass window at the embassy who will grant my visa application. mark is pretty excited about me going to the winter CHA. i’m pretty excited myself!!!! can’t wait to sign up for Ali and Tim’s classes + getting to see all the new releases in the flesh + getting all the wonderful freebies and goodies from the dozens of manufacturers + going to Disney Adventure and Knotts Berry with Marisa + hitting all the Joanns/Michaels/Target outlets within a 50-mile radius + going to San Francisco to visit my bestfriend Kit and staying with my favorite godmother in the whole-wide world…ALL IN TWO WEEKS. yep. gonna fit all those in my itinerary for just TWO weeks. hehehe…wish me luck. i better prepare myself and my limbs for an amazing-race-type-of-adventure. but i think any ache or cramp would quickly fizzle/disappear once I meet all the wonderful designers (and scrapbooking celebrities) I only get to read about on the net or in magazines and books.

send out the cavalry!!! ‘coz, Anaheim, here i come!!! 🙂


7 Responses to "middle.of.the.week."

Wow Yoyin! That would be an exciting US visit! Am sure makalimutan mo lahat ng pagod mo talaga with all those scrapbook stuff and celebrities around you!

ANG SAYA!!! 😀 That sounds so exciting! Grabe I swear, lumaki talaga mata ko nung narinig ko boses ni Ali Edwards. Nakakastarstruck I promise. HAVE FUNNNNNN!!!

awryt, yoying! I am so excited for you! at inggit na inggit din! pero more on excited for you kasi imagine, live na live you’re gonna see EVERYTHING and EVERYBODY! woohoo! pichur pichur, damihan mo!!! 😀

Ahhhhh yes, C-H-A…another slice of heaven on earth. 😀

I love Isa’s passport pics! Kanyaman nang lapirutan! 🙂 Hey, I like the hair clip action here. She looks like a girly-girl. hehehe

Hi Yoyin! Wowee! I’m so excited for you! Take lots of photos ha. And kwento mo na lang, para na rin kaming nandun.

BTW, all the time I’m in Clark, I won’t have access to my yahoo mail. But i can access my blog so just leave a message there.


hihihi. dis is it! 😀 excited na ku rin para keka. o shempre, ing panabilin. hihi. a picture of Ali Edwards holding my 8×10 picture. hehehe. 😉

i am sure that you will enjoy this. ihanda ang videocam for this experience.

masaya ku para keka mars. 🙂

you have no idea how envious I am ——- super super!
but best of luck and enjoy the ride — it will be a dream come true am sure — pls pls take pics and give us a blow by blow account of the nxt heaven on earth — CHA !


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