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Posted on: September 5, 2008

made it through to week 4 of the Scrappin Moms Idol Challenge. weeeeee!!!! we’re down to just 19 contenders. you can view my entry for week 3 here. halfway there!!!! 🙂


got to the office a minute late (darn it!) but it was so worth it…because i was able to take a picture of this little cutie—

yep. she can now feed herself. she insists on doing so!!! she also insists on pulling up her shorts/pants herself + walking by herself + climbing up and down the stairs…and i thought this would start when she turns 2 pa! hay naku. she’s so independent! she would even ask us to open the gate so she could “play” with the neighborhood children (play: to clap one’s hands, squeal with delight, run towards the children but only to halt a few meters from them and run back to the arms of mommy/daddy). ain’t she an adorable little duck? 🙂

breakfast…al fresco

speaking of cute little ducks…we welcomed a new duckling last week…meet Cady…

cady with her pretty mom and doting grandma…


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Congrats Yoyin! Sana kaw ulit POTW. Tuloy tuloy na yan hanggang finals.:) Your little girl is so cute. I guess kids these days grow fast. Si Marcie din may pagka- independent. Ayaw niya sinusubuan when we’re eating. Ayaw din magpahawak when climbing stairs ( quite scary though). Super likot but still adorable kids. Hehe.

nice post. hehe. yw! kilala mo pala sya? small world. batch mate ko sya sa U.P. my bad forgot her name! hehe

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