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Posted on: August 27, 2008


double sigh.



saw one of these babies at Trinoma a couple of weeks ago. fell in love. totally in luuuuuuuuv. but was quite taken aback by the price. i never knew a small mixer would cost that much!! nevertheless, i was still in love. so in love that i started to set aside some money in the hopes that i could one day claim to be the proud momma of one of these babies.

fast forward to last Saturday…after the PS-EB, hubby and our friend (itago na lang natin siya sa pangalang Bob) picked me up and we decided to have an early dinner at Trinoma before heading back home to Pampanga. “Trinoma. Kitchenaide!!!” my mind screamed. i started doing the math and counting the money i had in my account…then a smile slowly crept up my face…giddy with excitement, i treated the boys to seafood pasta parmigiana, nut pesto and pizza…then politely asked if we could drop by the department store.

i made a beeline for the home/kitchen section and looked for the nearest saleslady to ask “ms., saan na yung Kitchenaide ninyo?”. her reply? “ay, ma’am, nabili na po kanina lang!” so i asked “meron pang ibang stock?” her reply? “ay, ma’am, isa lang po kasi yun e.”

dang. can you feel my pain? are you groaning with me?

my heart sank to the soles of my feet as quickly as a lightning bolt. so i had to comfort myself by buying a set of new baking pans.

but the ache was still there last monday. so i comforted myself by buying a new ref. (whatthe#@%&*?  labo ba ng konek? hehehe… ) yep. a new ref…which we needed badly (more than my need for a kitchenaide)…our old ref conked out on us but we’ve been holding off on getting a new one. so after isa’s appointment with her doctor, we trooped to the mall and got a spanking-brand-new-stainless-steel-15-cu.-monster-na-kasing-laki-ata-ni-mark-na-ref (whew!).

so, here i am. 37K poorer.

and still aching for a Kitchenaide.



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i can feel your pain mars. i have been longing for this ever since i learned to operate an oven. 😦 anyway, malay mo. malapit na xmas (paging mark)…hehehe.

anyway, ganda naman ng ref mo. 😀

uy. mas mauuna ang bday mo. (paging mark again) hihihi 😀

Ah…appliances and kitchen tools. Swoon! I’d love to have one of those stand mixers and a new fridge, too… hee hee

at least when your aircon conks out next, you can fit inside the ref to cool yourselves down… kamo kasing laki naman ni mark, eh 😀

labo din ba ng konek ko? haha!

nice ref! darating din yan. pramis. 🙂

oo, darating din ang october. patikim ng unang cake/brownie ha. 🙂 [i like the green k-aide]

hi yoyin! can’t help but comment on the kitchenaid…it was also on my wishlist eversince my 13 yr old (yep! 13 yrs old hehe) Moulinex hand mixer finally retired…kaya lang sobrang mahal!!! so i asked my uncle to buy one for me…he got mine at macy’s at almost 50% off!!! final cost to me $189 or roughly less than P10k!!! so if you have any relatives sa US better ask someone to buy for you =D

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