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Posted on: August 26, 2008

went to my first (and hopefully not my last) PS EB last Saturday at Mitch Sy’s place (Visual Creations). was so excited kasi i got to “actually” meet several people i greatly admire – i saw them during the Scrapfest last May but didnt get to “actually” introduce myself and talk to them. when i got there, i immediately made a beeline towards Ms. Nita (whose work is currently featured over at Scrapbukan). then there was Cabbie…Candy…Lee…April…Ate Lil…Leirs…Rachelle…Donna…andami nila!!! it was really wonderful to get to know those people i only get to talk to through the egroups…i’ve exchanged emails with them…received several comments from them…pero ngayon ko lang talaga sila nakilala. 🙂

the first activity was about ATCs (Artist Trading Cards) and an ATC tin can by Cabbie (the queen of altered art). then there was a tutorial by Au on photoshop and how to take pictures of layouts.

the last activity was a layout challenge. we were required to use 3 papers/cardstock/transparencies + 1 embellishment (all bought from Visual Creations) + 3 photos. parang lalagnatin na naman ako when i started doing my layout (same feeling i had during the Scrapfest).  my hands felt so cold and clammy esp. when i saw April, Iris and Cookie making their layouts + my seatmate (sheryl) had cool pictures pa.  i didnt have time to print out new pictures that morning (had to leave Pampanga at 730am so i could make it to the venue on time) and i just grabbed a couple of pictures from my stash. swerte ko lang na i had these two pictures of Isa taken on the same day and a 5R b/w picture of the two of us.

lo and behold!!! my layout won!! 🙂 got a yummy prize pack from Visual Creations. (thanks, Mitch!)

the food was yummy (and plenty!)…the people were so warm and kind (hi, seatmates Betchay and Sheryl!!!)…and the sistah-love was definitely there!!! 🙂 ’til the next PS-EB!!!


3 Responses to "08.23.08"

pretty LO indeed, yoying! too bad we weren’t able to make chika. quite frankly I was too busy scouring the pps racks! oh well, next time 😀

Ang saya naman. Kakainggit. I missed out on it again. And yes, I have to agree with Bjay, BEAUTIFUL layout, Yoyin! 😀

Hi Yoyin! Glad to find your spot in cyberspace! Didn’t know you have one ’til I saw your profile page at ning. 😉

Anyway, nice meeting you too. Oh di ba, I had the cool pics but you still won the challenge! Sooooo unfair…hahahahaha. Seriously, I don’t mind coz you deserve it. I like your sense of creativity and the sense of balance in your LO. Nothing seems to be out of place. 🙂

I do hope to see you soon again. And btw, suki na ako ng nathaniels 😉

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