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Posted on: August 22, 2008

now i can post this…

i knew it was a LONG shot but i wanted to at least try (kesa naman isipin ko na “what if?”)…so i made the required 5 layouts and sent in my entries a couple of days before the deadline…shelled out a couple of thousand for the shipping + materials… had to let go of one layout which i had to send (at least i get to keep the other 4)…

but even if it was a LONG shot…this past week has been quite agonizing… nagka-migraine na nga ako dahil sa Idol 08 – week 1 challenge (hehehehe…peace, Scrappin’ Moms), tapos lumulukso pa puso ko every time my phone rings. tapos meron pang isang NAPAKAbait na tao nasa US na parating tumatawag at ang laging bungad ay “Congratulations!” pero joke lang pala (you know who YOU are!!! hehehe… luv yah!). syempre makita mo ba naman sa phone mo ang number na nagsisimula sa +1, syempre kakabahan ka! dyos ko! 🙂

having said all that…it was a great experience na rin. who knows? i might even try again next year. 🙂


6 Responses to "finally…"

stunning LO! sulit naman un migraine mo sa scrappin moms congrats sa pick of the week! grabe ang powers mo, really love that cake topper!
btw nice to hear you’re coming over, naku i’m still contemplating kun sasali ako dun well just for fun lng naman for sure lakad lang ako imbes na takbo hehehe

hey, hey, hey… you are one of the bravest, at may “K” magsumite. the fact that you went for it (God knows all of us wanted to!) makes you a winner. ika nga ni yoda kay luke skywalker, “luke, there is no try. there is either do or not do.” 😀

congrats again for being the POTW!

Aba, Yoyin, ninu ba itang tumatawag sa yo na CONGRATULATION kaagad ang bungad! Napaka!!! hehehe. Basta you know where you are in my list. Forge on, Girl! Pero, tutu man, ninung mamaus kekang taga-US na mapamusit a yan? 😀

Wait, I forgot, ka-CUTE nang ISA-tot! I want to bite her cheeks!!! 🙂

always remember, you are a winner to us. 😀 see you on sunday. 🙂

i couldnt agree more to marisa and tna! we’ll support you all the way! hehe

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