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for diane…

Posted on: July 8, 2008

…who always remembers to drop by this blog and never forgets to leave wonderful/sweet/lovely comments + her niece, Liit, shares the same birthday with Isa (07.07.07)…


how to make the circle thread pattern

1. draw a circle at the back of your patterned paper/cardstock

2. pierce small holes evenly along the circle (i used the smallest puncher from MM)

3. using any thread or fiber, “sew” it through hole no. 1 (secure the end at the back of the paper)

4. next, thread it through hole no. 10

5. from the back, thread it through hole no. 2

6. then, thread it across to hole no. 11


7. repeat until you’ve gone through all the holes and you will have this…


2 Responses to "for diane…"

wow!! Talagang special mention ah!

Uy talaga 07.07.07 din si Isa? Ka swerteng mga bata. hihihiih! Musta first birthday ni Isa? yung niece ko bongga kasi 2 day celebration. heheh! kasi umuwi parents nya galing kuwait. isasama na nga nila pabalik ng kuwait yung 2 anak nila eh kaya kakalungkot din. Punta kami Manila sa 12. mamamasyal bago uwi ng kuwait sila.

Uy thanks sa tutorial. Magawa nga yan sa susunod na LO ko din. Sobrang Thank you!

wow! super love this, yoying!

will definitely try this stitchng action, ganda eh 😀 I remember my cousin who used to do artworks that involves pinhead nails and multiple metallic threads. he’ll just wind and wind everything and before we know it, art na pala! such fond memories. he passed away na kasi eh.

thanks for the tutorial!

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