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Posted on: June 30, 2008

since Isa is turning O-N-E next Monday, it was time for her to get her first haircut. we decided to bring her to the salon yesterday…figuring we wouldn’t have time during the week and even on Saturday (we’re holding her “big bash” that night and we got my niece’s baptism in the morning).  so i tried psyching her up starting last Saturday…telling her that her hair is already long, that she needed to have it trimmed and that it wouldn’t hurt, etc., etc., etc…

so when we brought her to the salon it started out quite well. she had her toys and she obediently sat on the chair + allowed the hairstylist’s assistant to prep her for the haircut.

but one snip of the scissors and the tears started to fall…then the tears turned into loud wails and cries for “Mama!!!”…her daddy had to comfort her as she continued to squirm and cry. we had no choice but to continue with the haircut as a huge chunk of her hair was already gone at the back.

thank God for her daddy’s large hands which kept her still and the patience of Benjie (of Going Straight) — this little girl finally had her first haircut.

a haircut = P130 + a bucket of tears + 36 cries for “Mama”



got my Studio Azul June kit last Saturday…and I couldn’t resist the urge to use the stamp that came with the kit. made this super quick page before going to bed last night…



{sorry for the crooked shot of the layout. will try to get a better/straighter shot later}


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