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i’m back!!! :)

Posted on: June 16, 2008

woke up at a little past midnight on Friday (slept veeeeerrrry early the day before after a tiring day at work).  decided to pack our bags + make a layout for OLW (adik talaga)…woke up mark before 3am and we were able to leave the house at 3:30am. i slept most of the way (sorry, sweetie) but woke up right before turning towards kennon road.

notice how Isa tries to tug at her papa’s hand pulling him towards the other direction. i can assure you that this baby can pull!!!  🙂


reached John Hay before 7am.  Isa kept turning her pretty head in all directions – probably wondering where she was + why it was cold outside.


the cabin we got was so nice and spacious — with Starbucks a couple of steps away (yum-O — although they didn’t have the Banoffee Pie…sigh…) — and a stone’s throw away from Hole No. 6 [got to watch several Koreans thwack their balls across the greens (hmmm…that didnt sound quite right… LOL!!!)].


see the little girl trying to squeeze her way into the throng?

car enthusiast na kahit baby pa (mana talaga sa daddy!!!!)

first stop… the Cathedral — where Isa got to play with a couple of kids from SLU and a teenager who was tinkering with his RC


note: this “pink” horse is… male.

then headed over to Mine’s View for some corn + Igorot costumes + Isa’s first “real” horse ride + a toy guitar


we spent the rest of the day at the house… bought dinner near the Commissary… and waited for Bob (Mark’s best friend) who arrived a little past midnight (he had to work and could only head up to Baguio after 7pm)


woke up to the smell of coffee, scrambled eggs, Spam and soft bread + the expected thwacking of Korean golf balls



went to the grotto on saturday. worked up an appetite by going up and down the many steps. had a wonderful lunch over at Central Park (yum-O!!!!!).  then walked two blocks to check out the ukay-ukay where Mark found this LV speedy 35 bag — complete with lock and key — original talaga. the seller even showed us the code hidden underneath the pocket inside {update: checked the LV website and verified that it was indeed the genuine article because of the stitching, brass fittings and red-waxed edges}. the original/regular price: US$710 (approx. Php31,240) and we got it for… (drumroll pls.)… P6,000!!!!! tinawaran pa nga ni mark yun kasi P8T yung initial quote nung seller.

it was a very relaxing getaway. isa had such a wonderful time exploring the grounds + looking at the pine trees + seeing so many new people + having her mom and dad to herself + experiencing new things + going to new places.

it was tough waking up on sunday morning knowing we had to head back home later in the day.  we tried to savor the last hours of our vacation — went to the butterfly sanctuary inside the camp and had lunch nearby before heading home.

and the best way to cap off this trip? why eating strawberries, of course!!!  🙂




now if i can only find the time to make a mini-album for this trip… hmmmmmm…


2 Responses to "i’m back!!! :)"

wow! what a father’s day-weekend-getaway. 🙂 it looked so relaxing kahit mukhang maraming lakaran ang ginawa nyo.

oooh, oooh, an LV speedy!

seemed like so much fun went on there. nice pictures, yoying! 😀

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