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in loving memory

Posted on: April 3, 2008


chololo. momoink. chomomoink. furball.

it’s his 2nd birthday today. but last year, I woke up and he was gone. someone stole him from me.

i still miss him everyday. i still yearn to hear his loving bark every time I come home.  i miss giving him a bath and having him curl at my side.  i miss having him wake me up at exactly 5:30 every morning.

george misses him, too.


though I have sumo and dabee…

 sumo.jpg  dabee.jpg

…momoink will always be my first baby. {sorry, Isa. hindi talaga ikaw ang panganay ko.}


  happy birthday, momoink.



4 Responses to "in loving memory"

aaaahww. =heartbreak= I totally understand you, yoyin. I miss my girl chica too! when she died, I cried buckets. and I never thought I could love another living thing like a dog! she was an elegant dog, my chica 😦

hi yoyin!!!

namiss ko tuloy si lucky…yun shitzu din namin..5 yo na dapat cya nun march..sad to say he died last Oct 4, 2007. I was the first to see him, ..dead! naiiyak ako pag naalala ko. i’ll post din his pic. see my blog. ang lambing kasi ng shitzu.. sana nga we can have another shitzu ule..bigay lang kasi si Lucky ng friend ng dad ko..i really miss him, youngest namin yun, baby ng mama ko..

huhu! sad diba pag nawala…

my gosh! heartless nmn un kumuha ng baby mo =(
love all your dogs, wish I could also have one mahirap kc d2 sa SG madaming chuvachuva hehehe

hi Yoyin…awww…we have the same kind of furbaby, shih tzu rin si Tashi ko. so lambing and fiercely loyal so i can understand your heartbreak. you’ll never really forget when you lose them kasi they leave paw prints in you heart forever. i hope he is in good hands na lang sana.

thanks for visiting my blog. your comments were so wonderful, you put a smile on my face. will link you up, ha.

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