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to heaven…and back

Posted on: February 4, 2008

O-h-m-y-G-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-d-d-d!!!!!!! I think I’ve gone to heaven already – scrapbook-heaven, that is. (lol!) Seriously. Last Saturday would probably rank high in my list of “Most Memorable”. 

You see I live in the province and I (along with my 2 kumares) could only scrapshop online.  Aside from the fact that it costs more (i.e. shipping costs), we would only see the items (size, quality, texture, etc.) once they’re delivered to our doorsteps.  And sometimes it diminishes the thrill of scrapshopping – i.e. holding the actual item/product in your hand so that you can run your fingers through the paper, seeing the size of the embellishment, etc.

So imagine my utter delight when my hubby “suggested” we go to Manila to scrapshop!!! I couldn’t help but feel giddy all over – excited at the prospect of going to shops I’ve only seen online and actually holding/seeing products I’ve only seen in pictures!!!! Heaven! Pure heaven, I say!!! 🙂 

First stop – the Scrapbukan Sale at the CCA (PDAF Bldg. along Buendia Avenue)


 Can you see how delighted I was???? I was literally shaking with excitement and happiness when we got to the Scrapbukan sale.  There were loads of stuff to choose from and they even gave freebies!!!  And to top it all off – I even met Ms. Bjay Jaminal.   🙂

Next stop – Smile Scrapbooking (near Tiendesitas)




The guy in the blue shirt is my every supportive hubby who patiently drove me to Manila and graciously/lovingly gave me money to finance my addiction.   🙂

Smile is definitely a scrapbooker’s heaven.  They have Heidi Swapp and Petaloo flowers (in different shapes and colors), KI lace cardstock in several designs and colors, KI softies and other embellishments, and Luxe transparencies.  There are items sold there that I haven’t seen in other scrap stores (online or otherwise).

Hubby had to literally drag me away from the store and promise that we would come back soon.  So, there I was – happily ensconced in the car with my two huge loot bags with a very wide grin…eager to get home so I could stare in awe at my loot and probably start a LO or two… ah… pure heaven!!!   🙂

my loot…    🙂




2 Responses to "to heaven…and back"

hi yoyin i can just imagine how excited u were. i think ur hubby is really a cool guy. i love scrapshopping too at Smiles. kaso i was sad when they closed shop at megamall. thanks to ur post, now i know meron pala clang branch sa tiendesitas area. looking forward to view more of ur beautiful LOs! 🙂

Hi! where near tiendesitas ang bagong shop ng Smile? I’m near there lang kasi. Thanks!

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